Storytelling in Leadership

"The language of leadership is story language. With stories told by the leaders, people question who they are, where they come from and where they are going, making room for the leader's opinion in their world of meaning. Stories are the most effective weapon in the leader's armory."

Howard Gardner

Storytelling for Presentation

"As you prepare a presentation exercise restraint and keep these three words in mind always simplicity, clarity, brevity"

Garr Reynolds

Storytelling in Business Life

"The language of our mind is the story language. If a person wants to present his thoughts with stories, the listener embraces the narrator as opposed to it."

Robert McKee

Storytelling for Introduction of Product

"When storytelling is used by employees of an organization to communicate with their customers, it may be easier to stimulate the emotions and thoughts of the client, as well as delivering complex messages."

Du Plessis

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